The Pleasure of Looking and Seeing PAINTING WORKSHOPS

An en plein air workshop on the verandah at Woollahra Gallery @Redleaf

There are so many things we do with our days, if one of them is to slow down long enough to draw the surroundings, that’s a good day. Once a month at the delightful location on the widest verandah overlooking Sydney Harbour, with the small yachts reflecting the sunshine on the silvery water, the Norfolk pines, the palms, an enormous Morten Bay Fig or two, plus a few bamboo type grass plants, some lavender Lilac bushes and a Magnolia frame any number of views inviting en plein air painting. Sounds of the traffic disappear replaced by the chortles, the laughter of kids and the young at heart at Redleaf pool. Birds fly into the scene and out, and the art chatter among us, most convivial spurs more lines, more shapes, more colour.

“Sigmund Freud used the term scopophilia to describe, analyse, and explain the concept of Schaulust, the pleasure in looking, a curiosity which he considered a partial-instinct innate to the childhood process of forming a personality; and that such a pleasure-instinct might be sublimated, either into Aesthetics, looking at objets d’art … From that initial interpretation of Schaulust arose the psycho-medical belief that the inhibition of the scopic drive might lead to actual, physical illness, such as physiologic disturbances of vision and eyesight.”

So we look, we enjoy it, and we know we are doing ourselves and our eyesight a load of good in the process. Often we come up with a nice collection of marks on paper too. A feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.

If you want to come along, or want to know more, please contact me.

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