Sheffer Gallery – Joanna Cole & Roxanne Lilis June 28 – July 10th 2021

Breaking Good, State of Emergency, Phoenixes Risen: these paintins are a response to the last two years. I am realising ” What you see is what you dont see.”

The emotion, the sentiment, the history has all been left in the image, as a way of externalising through the intellect of art creation: abstraction and expressionism for want of superlative genres and historical positioning, the reality is more neo, post, contemporary if not simply responsive painting.

The project was conceived in 2019 following a second group show where Roxanne and Joanna showed work which was hung alonside each other. The pair first exhibited together at Gaffa Gallery in 2018, then at Wellington Gallery in 2019, and proposed this show for 2020. Due to fire; (the Lilis Bowral house and studio burnt down), and then Covid, the plans were in a constant state of flux. ( ironically the title of their first group show).

The landscapes I am presenting for this show evoke memories of past road trips, some preserved in the immediacy of a recent trip, others with the vehicle of lockdown to transport the memory to a new paradigm, through line and chroma.

You are invited to join us for opening celebrations at the Sheffer Gallery 36 Lander Street, Darlington, NSW, AUSTRALIA, on the Saturday 3rd July from 3pm – 5pm.

The exhibition will continue from 28th June – 10th July 2021 and for enquiries about the artwork or commissions and projects please message me directly, @joannacolepainter or

#joannacolepainter #landscapepainting #expression #colourist #interiorstyling #architecture


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