The Viewer is Present

Inspired by Justin Patons’ Book ” How to Look at at Painting” the exhibition opened in October at Mounted ARI in Springwood, in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, Australia. “The Viewer is Present” aims to provide people with an opportunity to spend time engaging with art in a deeper way. We hope you will spend an hour, looking, listening, reflecting, reading, and writing, maybe drawing, in response to the artworks. I have two works in this exhibition: “Bushfire 2020” and “Flotsam & Jetsom”. Both works are available for sale. To book a time to experience ” The Viewer is Present” process, please contact Julie or Mark on

Please make enquiries about the work direct to the artist –

Flotsam & Jetsom, 2020, Oil on oil paper on board, 40x40cm, $610
Bushfires 2020, Oil on board, 100x100cm, $1895

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