Choose from six artworks glicee printed on archival matt MOAB Entrada 100% 290gsm cotton rag paper

AUD $150.00 each.

Printed image : 18x18cm (7.7″ x 7.7″)

Print Paper 21 x 21cm

Please email to process your order and discuss delivery/ shipping options.

  1. Dreamy Colour Field
  2. (Right) Where Eagles Fly
  1. Yass Grey Blue Tree
  2. (Right) Autumn Yass Tree
  1. Never Fenced Country, 2017
  2. (Right) Coming Home Cattle, 2019

Sunrise Sunshine, 2018

(Right) The Memory Plays as Evening Falls on the Earth, Pink, 2020

Bushfire 2020

(Right)Coming Home in the Moonlight

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