Bushfires 2020

So sad to hear of friends and friends of friends who have been affected by the bushfires earlier this year. As a kid I watched fires burn in the paddock opposite, smelled the smoke and learned of the phenomenal power of the Crown Fire. It all had a lasting impact on me. I deeply empathise with those who have lost animals, land, buildings, loved ones! and maybe a bit of nerve!

In the months following the fires I found it hard to paint landscapes as I had been seeing them. Green grass seemed unrealistic. I found comfort in painting some kind of expression of bushfire. In February had the opportunity to take another road trip, this time to Woodside in the Adelaide Hills, where the fire had been exceptionally devastating. We spoke to locals. It was heart breaking but also completely inspiring. With-in weeks new growth was appearing. Even that was somewhat disturbing. Delight and hope mixed with devastation. Nature can be a brutal “mother”.

Here are my bushfire offerings:

60x60 Bushfire cattle  Bushfire Cattle, 2020, 60x60cm, Oil on Board, $960

40x40x Burn 2020

Woodside Burning, 2020, 40x40cm oil & Collage on cotton canvas, $610

40x40x BURNT

Burn 2020, 40x40cm Oil and collage on cotton canvas, $610

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