MURAL 2020

The Road Trip is a phenomena common across the globe, from Marco Polo to Jack Keroak. These murals are marks recalling long hot joyous road trips. May there be many more. I start with a drawing, then sketch rough lines and colours onto a small board the scale of the mural wall. Considering the people who will be working around and visiting the area, I start out with 4 basic colours. Using a roller to layer the sky then the ground, two sized brushes are used to “draw” the landscape features. For the upper regions, I use a step ladder. The painting can be physically hard, and I take time to see how each wall would fit in with the next. I talk to the occupants getting their in put as the work evolves. It was the largest mural I’d worked on, so slow and steady was my motto.

Road trips during my upbringing started with the Summer Holidays, driving from the farm, in the Adelaide Hills, to my grandparents beach house at Port Norlunga. We packed the beach towels, umbrellas and the dog and drove the “back way” through a lot of  paddocks and hills. We travelled further to Mount Gambier with the cattle, to Melbourne to visit relatives, friends and on work trips, and eventually across the Nullabor Plains to Kalgoorlie, Perth and up to Geraldton. As a young adult the road trips continued. Through the South of France, across Texas and Wyoming,  from New Delhi to the Punjab, and around Santorni and Agra (if a vespa still counts as a road trip!) Back in Australia the road trips continued: from Adelaide to Byron Bay and back, up to Rainbow Beach and back, Darwin and back…  Sydney to Hobart via Launceston (combining a boat trip and a drive). A lot of time in close proximity with family and friends, or alone. The destinations and associated events had less impact than the road trip itself perhaps, in hind-site. I drew and painted on so many of these travels.  Recently my travels have been designed to retrace the journeys of admired artists, so Hill End, Broken Hill, Napperby, German Town Hill Road and Dandenong joined the list to become the basis for new landscape paintings.

To view in person or arrange a commission for your own space please email


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