In the last several months I’ve been developing new works for two shows. CAPSTONE 2019 and GROUNDWORK. The kernels of the concepts start with the landscape and have grown, merged and parted like the mighty Murray and the Darling River. GROUNDWORK started as a group show with 7 other artists from last years Flux exhibition. We will be opening the exhibition at Wellington Street Projects, in Chippendale on Wednesday 7th August 6-8pm .  GROUNDWORK represented the work we had already done together as a group, and the development of my own process of painting the landscape in that time. Coinciding with the GROUNDWORK of Australian landscape painting by preceding artists Hans Heysen OBE and my own grandfather:Perce Colyer – I have drawn from their works of Eucalypts for my contemporary take “Red Gold Coming Home (after Hans Heysen and Perce Colyer)2019.  112x83cm Oil on Board.  Please come along, and stay tuned for more detail on the second show in the next post. GROUND 100x100 Red Gold Coming Home after Heysen & Colyer 2019

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