Eye of the Beholder

Drawing to an end, TenFortySeven Gallery holds the last day of the group exhibition “Eye of the Beholder”  today, 2nd December 2018. Two works ” Wide Brown Land with Movie Star Pinks” and “Wide Brown Land – Barrier Ranges” both 50x45cm Oil on Board feature in the exhibition as a testament to my perception of beauty in the Australian landscape. To quote Alain De Botton from The Art of Travel, on the sublime :

“It is as if these landscapes allowed travellers to experience transcendent feelings that they no longer felt in cities and the cultivated countryside. The landscapes offered them an emotional connection to a greater power…” (p171)

To me that emotional connection through observation in the land can evoke a sense of beauty. When beauty is perceived through my eyes, I can feel beauty in my heart or soul.

Broken Hills wide open red brown lands imbued a feeling of beauty in me, and this exhibition gave me the extended pleasure of sharing that sentiment.


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