Sat 6th Oct 2-4pm Life Blood exhibition

Grace Cossington- Smith Gallery Wahroonga hosts the LIFEBLOOD exhibition for the Square one studio artists group show.

Vitality, motivating factors, the essence of life, these are the themes for this exhibition.

Joanna Cole presents a new work: The Bulls Paddock in Summer,2018  an oil on board. Drawing on cherished memories of rural life  in  South Australia, the warmth of the day emmenates in the deep pink of the grass-less earth of the Bulls Paddock. There is no Bull in this image, however there was a bull in that paddock. The vitality of the pent up animal filling the imagination and the line-work and vigorous colour.

You may have a different experience with the image and the title and we’d love to hear it.

Please come over for the opening drinks, meet the artists and share yarns.

The Bull's Paddock in Summer.jpg

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