I you are interested in commissioning a painting, based on an image you have seen on this website, please send me an email – via the contact page or on It takes time to grow a painting, It has to sit. Oil has to dry. The image is created layer upon layer. Often several works are developed simultaneously so different gestures can be tried. What happens then is that the one idea generates a family of images.

Stark White Ringbarked Trees generated such a family of works. Derived from the Sunburnt Country exhibition in February 2018, the shape of the tree, the hard white trunk seem to start to represent something solid about Australia and trees, growth and our relationship with land. Not all my Stark White gums are ringbarked. Colour plants itself boldly in unexpected but understandable places.

Chosen as the front cover image of the May Issue of House & Garden, this work has also generated and inspired private commissions.

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